Fire rages my heart
The flames consume my mind and soul
The destruction inside is bleak
My thoughts run away and hide, like sneaky tiny moles

The thoughts I contain are random
I often question my sanity
I ponder if what I do is right or wrong
I just need some clarity

Clarity if I’m good
To others and myself
Do I make others happy?
Or am I disappointing like a broken shelf?

I don’t want to be a bad person
I know I have the potential to be good!
But everything I adore begins to fade away
It’s destroying my mood

This journey called my life
Has been rather difficult as I age
But I seek wisdom, knowledge and virtue
And hopefully one day, I shall be a sage.


I’m a poetic warrior, 
If I do say so myself
I may not always say the right things
But through my writing I shall

I sometimes don’t know
What I am, or what I may be
Perhaps I just need time
To find my inner clarity

I often feel insecure
Ashamed and disappointed at my mind
That I sometimes come off as harsh and brash
But deep down I’m truly kind

I care about others
And how they may feel
I stay a true friend to the end!
Friendship is a big deal

But yet again I can be destructive
My friends/loved ones are misunderstood
That the faults that lie in my heart
I never meant to lash, I would take it back if I could

So this in an apology,
To anyone that I may have hurt
Please forgive me for my wrongs
I shall learn when isolate myself from this Earth


  • baby:
  • mom: aw, are you trying to say 'mama'?
  • baby: ma...matsuoka rin.


"Money can’t make you happy"